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All the things you need to start building your web application in one place

Sparter comes with all the parts you need to quickly ship your product — component library, database connectors, authentication, transactional email, analytics, and more.

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Everything you need

All-in-one web application starter

Sparter is web application starter written in Next.js. Focus on building your product and avoid spending time configuring the different parts of your SaaS.

Server-side rendered
Powered by Next.js, your landing pages are pre-rendered at build time and application is rendered at request time.
Postgres and MongoDB Connectors
Connects to PostgreSQL and MongoDB using Prisma to quickly connect your database to your application.
Subscription powered by Stripe
Checkout Form, API endpoints, and webhooks required to start accepting payments for a subscription-based product.
Transactional Email
Transactional Emails powered by AWS SES along with beautiful, pre-made HTML email templates.
File Upload
Pre-configured Upload API that uploads files to AWS S3 for user avatars, media files and more.
Analytics and Error Tracking
Analytics for landing pages using Google Analytics. Error Tracking in your application using Sentry.
Authentication (Coming soon)
Fully configurable authentication with passwordless and popular OAuth providers. Powered by NextAuth.
Built-in blog (Coming Soon)
Beautiful, minimal blog powered by GraphCMS to deliver rich content to your customers.
Marketing Pages (Coming Soon)
Sample landing pages, feature and call-to-action sections, newsletter forms and more blocks you can mix-and-match to build beautiful marketing pages.
Changelogs (Coming Soon)
Announce product updates, releases, banners to your users right within your application.

Quick to get started

Create a new Next.js project with Sparter:

yarn create next-app --example my-app


Docs (Coming Soon)

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